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What role should the media play in a democratic society What might Essay

What job should the media play in a majority rule society What may forestall the media playing out this job in Britain today - Essay Example The job of the media in any majority rules system is an idea that dates route back to the seventeenth century. The media was alluded to then as the fourth bequest, and today is being considered more to be the fourth arm of government after the official, the assembly and the legal executive. The media is by and large progressively saw as an essential piece of popular government which the last can't work appropriately without (Lichtenberg, 1991, 21). The media obviously alludes to all the methods for mass correspondence including the press, radio, TV and recently the web (Oxford English Dictionary). It is the methods by which mass correspondence has been achieved, here and there promptly, for a significant stretch of time. The media keeps on molding dispersal of data, conclusion and mentality development today as it has accomplished for more than three centuries (Lichtenberg, 1991, 23). This paper decides to portray the job that the media should play in a fair society and components th at may keep the media from assuming that job in cutting edge Britain. The media assumes the essential job of a guard dog and watchman of the open enthusiasm for the direct of open issues. It is additionally a significant channel of data between the governors and the represented (Coronel, 2010, 1). This implies there would actually be a breakdown of correspondence between the governors and the represented without the media. The governors tend to convey to the open just that which they accept is fit for open utilization and keeping down reality at whatever point it suits them. The media proves to be useful in such circumstances to uncover the data that the senator would wish to hide where no one will think to look so as to maintain a strategic distance from open objection or humiliation. Along these lines the media performs two significant essential capacities (Center for Democracy, 1999, 3). The main job is to guarantee that residents settle on educated decisions by gaining admittanc e to pertinent, honest and significant data on issues that straightforwardly or by implication influence their lives. This can't be conceivable on the off chance that they are just exposed to data the administration feels it can hand-off to them. On the off chance that they just depend on legitimate sources to get entrance, they are probably going to follow up based on numbness or deception, which unavoidably prompts an inappropriate decisions (Center for Democracy, 1999, 3). Furthermore, legitimate movement of data fills in as a beware of pioneers to watch their overabundances as debasement, misuse or even wrongdoing. Authorities will in general act to their greatest advantage regardless of whether such interests conflict with the law and their promises of office, if nothing is done to check their lead. This guard dog capacity of the media is thusly significant in guaranteeing that the pioneers just settle on those choices that are in the open intrigue instead of serving just their parochial impulses (Center for Democracy, 1999, 3). So as to assume its job successfully the media especially centers around significant features of administration, the economy, state funded instruction, infrastructural and social turn of events, interior and universal relations, human intrigue issues, open conversations, harmony and accord building and control of their own inside tasks. Without adjusting these significant principles, the media itself may turn into its very own survivor parochialism or unimportance that puts its activities inside rebuke (Lewis, 2005, 70). On administration the media has been known to assume an extraordinary job in placing governors in steady check. This is basically done through analytical announcing. Columnists as a rule give a valiant effort, here and there at extraordinary hazard to life and appendage, to uncover issues that are in any case concealed by the initiative. Such issues remember contribution for obscure and degenerate arrangements (Le wis, 2005, 72). In the UK such examinations by the Telegraph in 2009 uncovered the inclusion of individuals from parliament in bogus money cases of costs and remittances to the exchequer which came about in loses of generous measures of duty payers’ cash (The Daily Telegraph). This brought about the abdication of a few officials, sackings, de-determinations and

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Dont know Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dont know - Essay Example That was the point at which I chose to grow up quick, not exclusively to be given the chances to investigate the world; however more in this way, to begin a close connection with espresso. The principal cup of looked for of espresso was at last abounded in when I was in my youngsters. Following quite a while of plan and attentive perception of mother unobtrusively murmuring while at the same time fixing the fermenting espresso pot, I at long last had the fortitude to fix one of my own one of a kind on a portentously cold and blustery Sunday morning. Everyone was as yet tucked calmly in bed and the sluggish sun was still brazed in obscurity like a dark mountain bear in hibernation. Gradually and ultra-discreetly I crawled to the kitchen organizer to open the recently purchased canister of Folgers Gourmet espresso in Caramel Drizzle flavor. I arranged the espresso producer and as I opened the cover, the smell was simply invigoratingly welcoming. The smell saturated gradually and seriously to one’s nostrils and afterward, the craving promptly crawled to one’s sense of taste, similar to a hoodlum that deliberately arranged its next assault. In the midst of th e murkiness of the kitchen, where I lit a little delicate light through the flawlessly perfect counter’s night light, I had the option to gauge the unmistakable water to my ideal level, as strictly saw from mother’s gifted hands. Cautiously and gradually, I poured the deliberate water in the carafe and returned it on the warming plate. At that point, anxiously from the outset, I persistently estimated two completely filled tablespoons of Folgers Gourmet espresso, proceeding to be elated by the overwhelming smell. I stood by calmly as I turned on the espresso producer, to what appeared to be time everlasting, similar to a youthful young person hopefully sitting tight for the happening to a steadily decided sweetheart. At the point when the foreseen hold up was at last finished, the second amazingly agreed with the break of the primary morning daylight, as the hints of early rising winged creatures began tweeting through the close by tree coverings. Finally, the

Research Design and Sample, Data and Methods an Example by

Research Design and Sample, Data and Methods 1) Restatement of Research Question: The examination question being utilized all through this article is: Does the Australian Governments current treatment of its indigenous populace, with regards to criminal equity, find some kind of harmony between the significant social, social, political and monetary components? College Students Usually Tell EssayLab scholars: I'm would prefer not to compose my exposition. Since I need to invest energy with my sweetheart Pros prompt: Your Academic Success Is Our Goal The examination question and theory consider whether the connection between the Australian Indigenous Population and criminal equity is one of equivalent parity. As is clarified from the start, there are clashing assessments about whether this equity framework is unjustifiably weighted against the indigenous populace of Australia. In particular, the theory noticed the enormous number of articles which centered upon the over-portrayal of this particular populace inside the criminal framework. While the articles evaluated in the writing audit thought for the most endless supply of the indigenous populace who were seen as lawbreakers, in certainty these people groups were likewise over-spoke to as the survivors of wrongdoing. There were likewise worldwide references to this issue, and research found that there were endeavors in certain territories of Australia to build up circle courts; these were underused and under-subsidized, staying, best case scenario tokens of Australian enthusias m for its indigenous populace. The speculation, creating from the examination question, along these lines thought about that the present proof recommends Criminal Justice, in taking care of Australias Indigenous Population, is neither as reasonable or adjusted as the global network might want, in spite of the fact that it can possibly have the option to treat this populace in a fitting and predictable way. Need exposition test on Research Design and Sample, Data and Methods subject? We will compose a custom paper test explicitly for you Continue 2) Research Sites The exploration question requires an investigation of factual proof so as to give a precise record of the present circumstance of Indigenous people groups engaged with Australias Criminal equity framework. As it would be unthinkable in the time accessible to address indigenous social orders generally enough to give factual information, the greater part of this exploration is in this way being directed through the web. Normally, the web contains both positive and negative assets, thus this examination will be performed utilizing government and report information which has been printed and afterward positioned upon the web, generally. There might be extra account sources, yet these will be examined as emotional as per the exploration plan. This permits the analyst to acquire an assortment of information, both factual (rates of populace; investigation of numbers associated with the criminal equity framework for race, sex and age), and account (first individual declaration, worldwide arc hives, news reports). The principle inquire about locales being utilized in this examination paper comprises of administrative bodies, for example, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the Department of the Environment and Heritage and the Commonwealth of Australia; explore articles, for example, that created by the University of Sidney Law School and the Criminology Research Council; and different articles, for example, the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Indigenous Law Bulletin. Different accounts will be incorporated, however these will be considered as first-individual stories, as opposed to scholarly or administrative accounts, and their worth marginally decreased hence. 3) Research Design Research falls into two classes: trial, and semi-or-non-test. Those structures which are test are normally clinical research, and comprise of rearranging the subjects into control and treatment gatherings. The other class: semi-or-non-exploratory, is the premise of the examination configuration utilized here. This structure includes the utilization of Qualitative and Content Analysis, and includes the assessment of content and other media so as to make a measurable examination. While not stretching out itself to word tallying, the examination here will endeavor to reliably apply the five key procedures of Krippendorf (Garson 1, 2008). These ideas are: Utilizing (setting up the unit of investigation); Sampling (narrowing the universe of enthusiasm); Reducing (Narrowing the multifaceted nature); Inferring (dissecting setting of discoveries); and Narrating (framing ends). Albeit most substance investigation considers manner and word use, in this setting it will be applied to the examina tion of articles and reports utilized by the analyst, which will incorporate information from the HREOC and Cunneen et al; different writings noticing the amounts and extents of Indigenous over-portrayal, and an end which includes these insights. Notwithstanding this substance Analysis, an auxiliary component will be Narrative investigation, which will empower the analyst to assess the various articles as accounts, and note inside them components of Facet hypothesis and different highlights (Garson 2, 2008). By utilizing these two frameworks in the exploration structure, it should ideally be conceivable to treat and break down the writings to the best bit of leeway, and in this manner to assemble significant proof to be utilized in noting the theory initially presented. 4: Sample As noted over, the examples being utilized in this examination are initially sourced from the web. These sources have been distinguished above, and the exploration configuration most appropriate to these sources has been plot. In thinking about what sources to best use for this examination, it was viewed as significant that these writings thought about Australian equity from the perspective of the Indigenous Population. Provided with sources from Criminal Justice offices, it immediately turned out to be certain that not many of these writings considered the Indigenous Population outside of asset and culpability coordinations. It at that point got important to go to the sites of government and political bodies, especially those keen on the Indigenous Population. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, for instance, gave insights on Indigenous over-portrayal, yet additionally on the general indigenous populace inside the nation; this gives a benchmark group which to look at those engaged with the criminal equity framework (HREOC, 2006). Different gatherings uncovered the significance that under-financing of lawful arrangement had to the circumstance of the Indigenous populaces (Commonwealth of Australia, 2005), and the contention between the UNs impression of Australias treatment of its Indigenous Population, and the apparent need inside that nation for more prominent criminal enactment (UN, 1999, and Edney, 2004). These writings gave a fascinating story of clashing qualities which were seen as pertinent to the treatment of the indigenous populace inside the Criminal Justice System. A further gathering of articles which gave a fascinating point to responding to the examination question were those which talked about circle, or Murri, courts. The insights on these are moderately little: notwithstanding, a noteworthy research article has thought about the advantages of this court in one territory, Queensland (Cunneen et al, 2005), and there is other proof which recommends some answer for the clashing qualities portrayed previously. Normally, taking insights from the web can't be as exact as test inquire about. A few territories of enthusiasm, as uncovered above, were essentially under-spoke to in factual assessment, while different regions (the extent of indigenous people groups in jail, for instance), had overflowing insights which would all should be dissected. This can possibly make an absence of parity inside the exploration, giving the presence of noteworthy abuse inside the equity framework while under-recognizing endeavors to make a reasonable and adjusted framework. These components will all be viewed as while giving an end to the examination. 5: Data Collection Method As noted over, this examination has been engaged upon the web; these assets will be perused and analyzed for factual consistency, and grouped. Various records of a similar circumstance (guys in the criminal equity framework, for instance), will be looked at, so as to think about the most probable level of the populace. Research will be performed on various research destinations in equal, for the model over, this would include inquiring about the entirety of the pages noted in the writing survey, and affirming measurable information. 6: Study Variables The consistent inside this exploration study would be the Australian populace; this is the prime focal point of the paper, thus accordingly any measurements must be identified with this factor. Factors may incorporate subtleties, for example, sexual orientation or age; without a doubt, age is relied upon to be probably the most grounded variable while examining jail and equity networks, an autonomous variable which is probably going to impact different factors, (for example, result of capture). No puzzling factors are normal, as the purpose of the exploration is to break down parts of the measurements to make a reasonable entire; in this way, every factor is inspected thusly. Research factors in this examination will include: race, age, and sexual orientation. Of these models, race will unmistakably be the most significant part of the investigation; by legitimately contrasting rates of jail populace and rates of the populace all in all, at that point separating the indigenous populace into different factors, for example, sexual orientation and age, it should be conceivable to give a quantitive examination of men in jail indigenous men in jail Young indigenous men in pris

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Occupational Health and Safety Safety and Care

Question: Portray about the Occupational Health and Safety for Safety and Care. Answer: (OHS) or Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) authoritative prerequisites through their approach and techniques manual. Distinguish what enactment is right now actualized in the Northern region Darwin? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢ ¨ The northern domain related to the federation was focused on improving the work, wellbeing, and security of Australians, all things considered, they thought of the model work, wellbeing and act. This demonstration is at present being executed in the northern region and it guarantees that the requirements of the representatives are appropriately taken a gander at and it makes work environments where high-hazard work is performed more secure. How might you guarantee these authoritative necessities are reflected in your working environment arrangements and systems manual and who is liable for this? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢ ¨ To guarantee that these authoritative necessities are reflected in my working environment arrangements and systems manual, I would need to follow certain means. Initially, I would hold an official gathering where we would talk about the ramifications of the new enactment on the organization and the workers. Also, I would educate the senior supervisor as a team with the different office chiefs to guarantee that the new administrative prerequisites are included the current strategies and methods. Thirdly, I would hold a gathering including the administration and the representatives advising them in insight regarding the new authoritative necessities in order to guarantee that everyone knows about what is relied upon of them as per the new prerequisites. The senior supervisor is dependable (Burke, Clarke Cooper, 2011). How might you guarantee the made approaches and methods are executed and all staff approach this data? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢ ¨ To guarantee that all staff approaches this data, I would I would teach the directors and office administrators to hold a gathering with their area of expertise staff advising them regarding the enactments. I would likewise train the division directors to hang the new enactment prerequisites in the noticeboard for all to peruse. To guarantee prerequisites are followed, I would teach the directors to watch the workers cautiously and report if there should arise an occurrence of any penetrate of the principles with the goal that the vital move can be made. It is a necessity of all scial government assistance specialist co-ops to have an unmistakable and straightforward grievances process for administration clients. For what reason is this significant? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢ ¨ It is a necessity of all social government assistance specialist co-ops to have a reasonable and straightforward protests process for administration clients. This is essential since it guarantees that the administrations stay above norm and it lessens the odds of any kind of carelessness undoubtedly. It additionally guarantees that the input that disappointed client offers is helpful enough to call attention to precisely where upgrades are required (Smallwood, 2013). How might you guarantee your customers or administration clients know about and approach à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢ ¨these protests forms? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢ ¨ I would guarantee that customers or administration clients know about and approach these protests forms by making an easy to understand framework that acknowledges criticism toward the finish of the administration. I would likewise guarantee that my organization has clear designations and techniques for staff to manage protests and give cures. Likewise, I would urge my staff to look for input from customers (Martin Zald, 2008). At what stage for the situation the executives procedure should protests forms be à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢ ¨discussed? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢ ¨ Protests procedures ought to be talked about at the second stage for the situation the executives procedure. In the event that the protest is esteemed suitable, at that point it is promptly alluded to the official chief of the responsible unit. The researching official ought to promise the complainant that the objection is esteemed and demand whatever other data that might be important to explore the protest. Toward the finish of the examination, the exploring official must give composed report to the administrator enumerating the discoveries and proposals with respect to framework improvement or move to be made (Young, 2000). When working in the network government assistance administration, you will be required to look for data and criticism from your objective customers or administration clients to actualize another program. This could be an adolescent program, womens gathering, socially and semantically differing program, an incapacity administration, a schoolwork club or numerous different sorts of projects. For what reason is this essential to talk with your potential customers or administration clients before planning a network government assistance program? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢ ¨ It is essential to talk with potential customers or administration clients before planning a network government assistance program in order to guarantee that you think of projects that will serve countless individuals. Counseling additionally guarantees that cash isn't squandered by guaranteeing that the network government assistance program doesn't exist as of now subsequently ensuring just new and high need programs are structured. Counseling likewise guarantees that the program is upheld completely by the individuals from the general public just as the neighborhood specialists. Furthermore, counseling additionally guarantees that the projects to be planned stick to the customers culture to forestall any grating that may emerge (Young, 2000). How might you accumulate data in a way that is suitable to your distinguished customer bunch taking in thought their phase of advancement, capacities, social foundation and ecological variables? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢ ¨ Prior to social affair data, the sum and profundity of the data that is required by the customer ought to be resolved. Most definitely, I would guarantee that I assemble data such that I am exceptionally well mannered. This should be possible by utilizing the favored title and the fitting manner of speaking. I would likewise regard the people right to security and classification as directed by the social foundation during the time spent get-together the pertinent data. I would likewise watch the codes of conduct. Most definitely, I would accumulate data remembering the degree of improvement on the ground that the occupants know about. This will help in getting however much data as could reasonably be expected (Arnold Revell, 2006). With regards to the capacities of the customer, I would guarantee that the technique use knows about everyone for the reasons for viable correspondence listening meetings and open discussions would be proper here. Undoubtedly, I would guarantee that I asse mble my data at a particular time during the day since information will in general change contingent upon the time. Member and direct perception would be proper for this situation (Block, 2000). Pick a specific customer gathering and plan a short poll of around five inquiries that empowers useful data on what they distinguish as a program they see a requirement for. I have picked the womens bunch as the focal point of my poll. The five inquiries contain the accompanying. Has there been a womans bunch program previously? What do you believe are the most squeezing needs that are influencing ladies in the network? What might be done to address these issues? What might be the most powerful program in this network undoubtedly? OK put your cash in the program that bolsters ladies? With everything taken into account, the wellbeing and security of the laborers is significant and that is the reasons enactments ought to be made to guarantee that representatives are ensured. Having a straightforward grievance process guarantees that the customers trust the procedure and simultaneously it guarantees that the customer can clarify in detail the territories of disappointment so the administration can amend those zones. References Burke, R. J., Clarke, S., Cooper, C. L. (2011).Occupational wellbeing and security. Farnham, England: Gower. Smallwood, R. F. (2013).Information administration: Concepts, systems and best practices. Youthful, P. (2000).Mastering social government assistance. Basingstoke: Macmillan. Martin, G. T., Zald, M. N. (2008).Social government assistance in the public arena. New York: Columbia University Press. Square, P. (2000).Flawless counseling: A manual for getting your skill utilized. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer. Arnold, P. A., Revell, C. (2006).Gathering data. Edmonton: Tortoise.

The Ultimate Exercises to Improve Posture (Simple and Effective)

The Ultimate Exercises to Improve Posture (Simple and Effective) How many times in your childhood did your mother yell at you to stand upright or stop slouching?Back then, it might have seemed like they were just being nagging, but in reality, our mothers were trying to prevent us from developing the habit of bad posture.Today, a lot of people suffer from problems related to poor posture, and the worst part is that many of them do not even realize that they have poor posture.How many times have you caught yourself slouching or hunching over your computer, looking down at your smartphone, cradling the phone between your head and shoulders, or sliding forward on your office seat?All these are examples of poor posture, yet we engage in many of them without even realizing it.Essentially, poor posture is any position where there is musculoskeletal distortion in the neck and back due to the spine being in unnatural positions for long periods of time.WHY YOU SHOULD STRIVE FOR PROPER POSTUREEven when we know that some of our habits lead to poor posture, m any of us do nothing to correct our posture.This is because we don’t know the negative impact of poor posture.Apart from making you look unattractive and self-doubting, poor posture also has several negative effects on your health and wellbeing. These include:Soreness and pain: Poor posture puts your body’s support system (your muscles and skeleton) in unnatural positions.This unnatural position causes misalignment of the spine, resulting in pain in the affected areas.Poor posture also misaligns your body’s natural weight distribution, which means that some of your muscles and bones have to bear more weight than they are supposed to.They have to work harder to support this extra weight, leading to pain and soreness in these areas.The areas that commonly experience pain and soreness include the lower back, the shoulders, the neck and the wrists.In extreme cases, poor posture can lead to problems such as a herniated disc and text neck.Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases: P oor posture, such as slouching, puts pressure on the ribcage and diaphragm, which can put more pressure on the heart.The misalignment of the spine can also result in constriction of blood vessels, resulting in poor circulation and conditions like deep vein thrombosis.If left untreated, these conditions greatly increase your risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.Poor breathing: Apart from putting more pressure on the heart, pressure on the ribcage and diaphragm also prevents your lungs from expanding properly as you breathe in.This in turns prevents your lungs from taking in as much oxygen as they should.Negative mood: You might think that there is no connection between your body posture and your mood, but studies show otherwise.According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Auckland, poor posture is associated with lower self-esteem, more fear, worse moods and greater use of negative words.Increased stress: Poor posture has also been shown to lead to i ncreased physical and mental stress.Apart from the physical stress resulting from body pain and soreness, poor posture also increases the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body, leading to increased mental stress.A study by the San Francisco State University asked students to walk down a hallway either in a slouched position or by cross-crawl skipping.The group that walked in a slouched positions experienced decreased energy levels and higher feelings of depression.Carpal tunnel syndrome: The function and sensitivity of your arms, wrists and hands is controlled by the nerves stemming from your upper back and neck.Since poor posture largely affects these areas (the upper back and neck), it can result in pinching of these nerves, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a condition where someone experiences tightness, pain, tingling or numbness in the muscles throughout the arm.Tension headaches: This is another problem caused by poor posture that is commonly experien ced by office workers.Sitting all day in a poorly set up workstation â€" a monitor or desk that is too low or too high, computer accessories that are not ergonomically designed, a chair that does not provide adequate support, and so on â€" puts a lot of strain and tension on your neck and shoulders.Eventually, this tension works its way up your head, resulting in tension headaches.Decreased motivation: I mentioned that poor posture often makes you feel less confident in yourself. This in turn causes you to lose motivation in going after your goals and ambitions.Due to the appearance of self-doubt, others will also consider you as shy or timid, which will negatively affect you both in work-related and social situations.Poor digestion: Just like it squeezes up your rib cage and diaphragm, hunching over and slouching also bunches up the organs around your abdomen together.This leads to decreased ability to digest food, causing you to feel constipated. If left unaddressed for a long per iod of time, this can result in life-changing metabolic problems.Fatigue: Poor posture unnaturally shifts your body weight, which means that some of your muscles have to work much harder to keep you upright.This extra work is tiresome and requires more energy, therefore it leaves you feeling fatigued.EXERCISES TO IMPROVE YOUR POSTURETo avoid experiencing any of the negative effects discussed above, you need to actively work on correcting and improving your posture.Good posture ensures that all the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments within your body are properly aligned in their correct position and that they are working optimally.Good posture also helps your body to develop proper strength, balance and flexibility.There is less strain on your body and you are less likely to experience any of the negative effects discussed above. In this section, we are going to look at some great exercises that can help you improve your posture.Most of these exercises are easy to perform and do n ot need any complicated equipment, which means that you can easily perform them within the privacy of your home and without the need to invest a lot of money in expensive equipment.The PlankA strong core is very important for developing good posture, and this simple exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen your core.The plank strengthens the several abdominal muscles, including the internal and external obliques, the rectus adbominis (the six pack muscles), as well as the erector spinae muscles on your back, the glutes, and the muscles on your shoulders.Below are the steps on how to correctly perform the plank: Start by lying face down on the floor, with your legs and feet together and your palms alongside your shoulders in pushup position.Raise yourself up onto your forearms, such that your elbow and the rest of your forearm is touching the ground. Your forearms should also be parallel to each other.Lift up your lower body and knees such that only your forearms and toes remai n touching the ground.Lock your abdominal and pelvic muscles to ensure that the middle part of your body does not sag. At this point, your legs, your spine, your shoulders, and your neck should be held straight, with your head facing downwards.Hold the position for a while as your breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. For starters, try to hold the position for about 30 seconds. You can gradually increase the length of time as your core becomes stronger.Back ExtensionsThis exercise helps you develop a strong back, which is also an important element for maintaining proper body posture.This exercise works the erector spinae muscles, the muscles of the lower back as well as the glutes.This exercise also improves the mobility and flexibility of the spine. Below are steps on how to properly perform back extensions. Start by lying face down on the floor, with your legs and feet together and your hands stretched outwards. Your feet should be outstretched, such tha t the tops of your feet are pressed against the floor.Using only your back muscles, slowly lift up your head and chest off the floor as you simultaneously lift up your feet off the floor. Don’t push down into your arms to lift up. At this point, only the middle section of your body (your stomach and hip bones) should be in contact with the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds and go back to the starting position.Repeat 10 â€" 15 times, increasing the number of reps as your back becomes stronger.If you find it to perform the exercise, start off with an easier variation of the exercise where you lift up your head, chest and arms off the floor while your feet remain in contact with the floor.You can later move on to the advanced variation as your back becomes stronger.Wall AngelsThis is another simple exercise that you can do from anywhere, even inside your office.This exercise is a great way to test your posture as well as to combat against rounded shoulders.The exercise stret ches out your shoulders and chest and helps strengthen a number of back muscles, including the trapezius, the rotator cuffs and the lats.All you need to perform this exercise is a roomy wall space.Follow the steps below to properly perform the wall angels. Start by standing with your back against the wall, with your heels a few inches from the base of the wall and your knees slightly bent.Make sure that your entire upper body â€" your head, shoulders and back â€" is touching the wall.Raise your arms with your elbows bent such that your lower arms are pointing upwards while your upper arms are parallel to the floor. The whole of your arms should also be leaning against the wall, with the palms facing outwards.Straighten your elbows to raise your arms above your head, such that they form a letter Y, with your head protruding from the center of the letter Y. As you raise your arms, make sure that they remain in contact with the wall.Hold the position for a few seconds and bring your ar ms back to the starting position, once again ensuring that contact with the wall is not lost.Repeat the arm movement 10 â€" 15 times.Chin TuckThe chin tuck is a great exercise for keeping your head aligned above the spine and reversing the poor, forward-head posture.It is also one of the best exercises for combating the neck pain that results from poor posture.The chin tuck exercise strengthens the upper thoracic extensor muscles, which are responsible for pulling the head back into alignment over the shoulders.This exercise also stretches the suboccipital and scalene muscles.The chin tuck exercise can be done in seated or standing position.Below are the steps on how to correctly perform the chin tuck exercise. Sit or stand upright with your shoulders rolled back and down. Make sure that your head is looking straight ahead and that your ears are directly above your shoulders.Place one finger on your chin.Without moving your finger, slightly tuck in your chin and pull your head strai ght backwards until you feel a good stretch at the top of your neck and the base of your head. At this point, there should be a gap between your chin and finger. The finger merely acts as reference for the starting point.Hold the position for a few seconds and go back to the starting position.Repeat the movement 10 â€" 15 times.You should perform about 5 to 7 sets (15 rep each) of the exercise throughout the course of the day.This not only strengthens your neck muscles, it also helps you create a habit of maintaining good head posture.The best part about this exercise is that it can be done anytime and anywhere â€" as you eat breakfast, lunch or supper, on the train, while waiting at a red light, in the office, basically anywhere.Kneeling Hip Flexor StretchThe kneeling hip flexor stretch is a great exercise for loosening the hip flexor muscles.These are a group of five muscles that connect to the pelvis and the femur.These muscles play a huge rule in our standing posture.Since the p elvis is the base of the spine, tight hip flexor muscles can lead to muscular imbalance in the lower back, leading to poor posture and sometimes lower back pain.Your hip flexor muscles usually become short and tight when you spend a lot of time in seated positions.Follow the steps below to correctly perform the kneeling hip flexor stretch. Kneel down with your left knee and stretch out your foot so that the top of your foot is against the floor. Place your right leg in front such that your thigh is parallel to the floor while your lower leg is perpendicular to the floor, with your knee bent at a 90 degree angle.Place your hands on your right knee, while ensuring that your back remains straight upright.Without getting your left knee off the floor, push your hips forward as your squeeze the muscles in your right buttock. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and go back to the starting position.Repeat the movement for about 10 â€" 15 times and then switch sides, placing your right k nee down and bringing your left leg up.Once you incorporate this exercise into your daily routine, you will notice that it becomes easier to stand or sit with a straight spine.Child’s PoseThis exercise is actually a resting pose borrowed from yoga.The child’s pose helps release tension in the muscles of your neck and lower back.This position also lengthens your spine and stretches your hamstrings and glutes.Follow the steps below to correctly perform the child’s pose. Start by kneeling down with your knees together and your big toes together. The upper part of your feet should be against the floor, with your heels pointing slightly outwards.Keeping your knees together and maintaining the position of your feet, sit down on your shin bones.Bend your body at your hips so that your face is almost touching the floor.Stretch your arms in front of you or bring them backwards such that your hands are next to your feet.Remain in this position for up to five minutes, while taking deep b reaths that expand your ribcage.Reverse Plank BridgeThis exercise is a variation of the plank, which we came across earlier.The reverse plank bridge is one of the most effective exercises for straightening your lower back and getting rid of rounded shoulders.The reverse plank bridge works on several muscle groups, including your erector spinae, the middle trapezius, the rhomboids, the front deltoids, the hip flexors, hip adductors, hip abductors and the lumbar spine.This exercise also works your neck extensors. All in all, it is one of the best exercises for improving body posture.Below are the steps for correctly performing the reverse plank bridge. Start by sitting down on the floor, with your legs in front of you. Place your hands behind you with your palms on the ground. You can have your fingers pointed backwards or forward.Press your palms and heels on the floor and lift your pelvis off the floor. Ensure that your knees, your pelvis and your shoulders are in line.Pull your sho ulders back such that the shoulder blades come together while pushing your chest up.Hold this position for 30 seconds. As your core and shoulders muscles become stronger, you can gradually increase the time.The Cat-Cow StretchThis is another exercise that is borrowed from yoga.The exercise consists of repeatedly moving the spine from flexion (a rounded position) to extension (an arched position).The cat-cow exercise is great for increasing abdominal strength and spinal flexibility.The movement of extending and flexing the spine also helps increase circulation in the discs of the spine.This exercise is great for preventing and reducing back pain. It is also a great exercise for those who spend a lot of time in sitting positions.Below are the steps on how to correctly perform the cat-cow stretch: Start by going down on your hands and knees. Your wrists, elbows and shoulders should be directly aligned below each other. Similarly, your knees should be directly below your hips. Your feet should be stretched out with the top of your feet against the floor. Spread out your fingers for better stability.Make sure that your spine is straight, with your shoulders and hips at the same level. Your head should be look down towards your fingers, such that your neck is also in line with your hips, spine and shoulders. This is the neutral position of the spine.Breathe in as you tilt your pelvis upwards and backwards such that your tailbone sticks up.Relax the abdominal muscles so that your belly moves towards the floor and at the same time arch your back downwards.Push your shoulders upwards and at the same time lift your head so that you end up gazing at the ceiling. Hold this position for a few seconds.Exhale as you now tilt your pelvis downwards and inwards, tucking in your tailbone.Follow by drawing your navel towards your spine and at the same time round your back upwards.Drop your head downwards as if you are trying to look at your navel. You want to end up with your ear s between your biceps.Hold this position for a few seconds and then go back to step 3 as you inhale.Repeat the cycle as you inhale and exhale about 5 â€" 10 times.Once you are done with your last repetition, go back to the neutral spine position and hold it for a few seconds.WRAPPING UPGood posture is very important for your health and wellbeing, and the eight exercises discussed in this article will help you improve your posture and reverse any negative effects you might be experiencing as a result of poor posture.It’s good to note that for you to achieve results using these exercises, you should make them a part of your routine.Poor posture is brought about by activities that are part of your daily routine, such as sitting all day at work and driving, therefore you should also perform these exercises every day.If you perform them for only a few weeks and stop, you will soon go back to where you started.Finally, I want to urge you to start performing these exercises today.The old er you get, the more pronounced the effects of poor posture become and the harder it is to reverse them, so don’t waste any time.Get started right away.

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Impact Of Economic Cycles Example For Free - Free Essay Example

In the previous assignment, we have collected the information about the economic condition in Malaysia in 1997 to 2007. We also have collected related information about our respondents in evaluating the performance of the foreign exchange or money changer business. Our original plan in conducting this research has been stated in the previous assignment. But the plans are not fit to the situation due to the lack of time and the postponed of the interview session with our respondents. In order to explain this situation in detail we have provide the viewers of the research about the illustration of our action plan in carry out this research successfully. Revising the Activity Plan for the Previous Activity and the Action Plan to be taken. Below is the activity plan that we have been implemented in the previous task. The activities were planned in systematic way where the time period is equivalent with the activities. All the tasks have been done successfully. But not all of them are done in time. This is because the time is the obstacle for us to seek for more data which more accurate from the reliable sources such as the economic condition of Malaysia from the ministry. Other than that, the original plan was changed due to the postponed of the interview session in order to collect primary data regarding the money changer business and the performance of the business during the economic cycle. The previous activities in carry out the research can be viewed as follows. 1.1 The Gantt chart in Carry Out research in Assignment Diagram 1: Gantt chart for activities in completing assignment 1 Indicator: Task 1: Brainstorming the ideas on determining suitable topic for research Task 2: Discussing appropriate methodology to be used to carry out research Task 3: Discussing on the suitable date for interview session Task 4: Discussing about the question to be asked in interview Task 5: Discuss on how to collect information regarding the topic Task 6: Decided to do all the tasks together and no one is responsible for a particular task Task 7: Finding information about exchange rate and money changer business in Kuala Lumpur Task 8: Finding information about economic cycle in Malaysia from 1997 to 2007 Task 9: Discuss about literature review and completing the assignment The Gantt chart above shows the activities or tasks that we have been carried out in this research. There are gaps between the tasks mostly in the beginning of this research. This is because we only do this research in weekdays and writing the reports in weekends. This Gantt char t is produce after we submitted the first assignment because we find difficulties in producing effective chart to explain the activities planned. 1.2 The Changes of Activities in Assignment 1 In this first week of the research, we have planned to done the interview session with the respondents in the following weeks. Task 3 indicates the plan which consists of discussing on the suitable date for interview session with the selected respondents. We have decided to conduct the interview in week 3 but unfortunately the respondents cannot spend time for the interview due to their personal problems. As the result, the interview session has to be postponed to other date. In this research (part 2), we will conduct the research on 20th May 2010 and this date is fix and fit to the condition of us as the researchers and the interviewees as the respondents. We have discussed the content of the interview and list down the appropriate questions to be asked. Most of the questions that we will ask are basically about the information on their experience in carry out the business between 1997 and 2007 (economic cycle). Other than that, we will ask about the economic conditions that affec t the business. Other than that, we also faced the problem in collecting quantitative data. For example, the exact sales figures of our respondents business performance and the fluctuation of currency. Thus, to overcome this obstruction, we have decided to add up new methodology in carry out this research which is questionnaires. This method is only concentrates on collecting quantitative data and the questions are set up as follows: QUESTIONNAIRES Topic: A study of the impact of economic cycles (from 1997-2007) on the demand for services of a foreign exchange in Kuala Lumpur. 1. How many customers have come to this branch to exchange money daily? a) 1 10 persons. b) 11 20 persons. c) 21 30 persons. d) 31 40 persons. 2. How much sales do you obtain daily for this branch? Approximately RM 3. Which currency has the most frequent exchange in your business? 4. How many foreign customers will come to this branch daily? a) 1 10 persons. b) 11 20 persons. c) 21 30 persons. d) 31 40 persons. 5. What is your estimate monthly sale? 1.3 Implement New Method to Carry Out Research Questionnaires Questionnaire is one of the methods in collecting primary data in survey. It is a very useful method where the respondents will be asked to answer several question regarding their opinion about the topic of the research. Our respondents to answer this questionnaire have been selected based on the interview session. We asked the interviewee to answer the question which basically made up in quantitative way. The respondents are the employees of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. who work in each of the branch. The advantages of using questionnaires are easy to conduct, low cost involved and speed to get the primary data is very fast. We carry out questionnaire with interview at the same time because respondents that we choose are the staffs of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. The staffs have the experiences in running the business and experts in currency fluctuation and related information about it. In this case, we cannot choose random sampling for questionnaires. This is because not all the people have k nowledge about money changer business and economic cycle. Because of the above changes we have made, we activity plan is shift and several actions are taken such as in determining the suitable date in conducting questionnaires session with the staffs of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. In carry out this activity, we have decided to conduct interviews and survey questionnaires at the same day which is on 20th May 2010. With this change on activity, we hope that we can collect as much data as possible in order to get accurate result of this research project. 1.4 Fishbone Diagram to Indicate the Cause and Effect of the Problem while doing this Research Teamwork Planning Problem: Inability to complete the project on time. Methodology used is inadequate Inadequate mix of skills Appointment is always postponed Inappropriate software Poor delegation and observation Difficulties in finding related information Information technology Project management Diagram 2: Fishbone diagram to illustrate the cause and problems of the research. Before we go deeply in action plan to carry out the research project, we would like to show the viewers about the cause and effect of the problem that we were facing in completing the first part of the research. The above diagram is a fishbone diagram that we have created in order to illustrate the causes and problems while carry out this research. The first cause of the problem is about the planning which as we mentioned before, we have add up new methodology in order to get precise information regarding the quantitative data. Planning at the beginning of this research is not precise on the methodology because the information gathered is quite adequate at that particular time. As time goes by and the research is continuing, we found that it is necessary for us to add up survey questionnaires in order to get more information regarding the topic. Other reason that messes up our planning is the date for the interview session with the selected respondents is always postponed due to their personal problems. The second cause of the problem is teamwork among the members is quite low. Two of our group member was not fully healthy while carry out the research. This makes the time to finish works become lengthen. However we have a strong will and strive very hard in finishing this project. Other than that, inadequate mix skills also are part of teamwork problem where some of the job has been done in long time because we are trying so hard in follow the standard of research project. The third cause is the project management where poor delegation is involved here. Delegation of work is quite improper in assignment one where the literature reviews is done quite simple because of lack of time. However in this assignment, we will strive to provide as much data and information as we can in order to give fully representation of the research to the viewers. The last cause of the problem regarding this project is the information technology where we faced difficulti es in finding related information about this topic. Other than that, we also dont have appropriate software for the purpose statistical analysis. The software is SPSS (Statistical Package for the Science Social). But, the absence of this software is not affecting our spirit to continue doing this research. 1.5 A Gantt chart to Show the Changes of Activity Plan to Complete the Research Diagram 3: Gantt chart of activity and action plan in research project Indicator: Task 1: Brainstorming the ideas on determining suitable topic for research Task 2: Discussing appropriate methodology to be used to carry out research Task 3: Discussing on the suitable date for interview session Task 4: Discussing about the question to be asked in interview Task 5: Discuss on how to collect information regarding the topic Task 6: Decided to do all the tasks together and no one is responsible for a particular task Task 7: Finding information about exchange rate and money changer business in Kuala Lumpur Task 8: Finding information about economic cycle in Malaysia from 1997 to 2007 Task 9: Discuss about literature review and completing the assignment Task 10: Receive the second part of the research question, and discussing the tasks among members Task 11: Discuss appropriate methods to be add up in carry out research Task 12: Preparing the question to be asked for interview Task 13: Discuss with the supervisor about new method to be add up in research Task 14: Carry out interview session and questionnaire Task 15: Analyze the result of interview and questionnaire Task 16: Discuss about the first task in assignment 2 and prepare the action plan Task 17: Solve task 2 and 3 together and evaluate finding Task 18: Critically analyze the finding 1.6 Evaluation on the Activity Plan and Action Plan from the Gantt chart Gantt chart from the diagram 3 shows the actual activities that we have been carried out in this research. All tasks have been completed successfully and all problems can be settled down effectively. To compare this Gantt chart with the Gantt chart in diagram 1, task 3 has change where the time in determining suitable date for interview is become longer. This is due to the interview that always postponed by the respondents. Between task 9 and task 10, there is a gap of a week. This is a time where assignment 1 and assignment 2 is separated. In assignment 2, we continue to carry out the research and find information to prove the hypotheses. All tasks have been explained in indicators of the diagram. 1.6.1 Interview After go through a lot of problems regarding the postponed of the interview, we are able to make an appointment with the management of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. The appointment was held in one of the money changer branches in Mont Kiara in 20th May 2010. In this interview session, we were able to get 2 respondents. One of the respondents is the manager of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. Another respondent is a staff that responsible in operating the business in Mont Kiara branch. Both interviewees have a lot of experience in managing money changer business in Kuala Lumpur and expert about the changes of currency since 90s. They also have experiences in managing the business in economic cycle since the age of the company is more than 10 years. This means that when the economic crisis crush the world in 1998, the business is still running even they incurred some losses. This experience is valuable because we want to evaluate the money changer business performance in Kuala Lumpur with regard the econ omic cycle. While conducting this research, both interviewees are speaking in Bahasa Malaysia but we already convert all the information in English. This means that the viewer of this research can understand the content of our interview easily. The interview session can be viewed in the CD in appendix. In order to find valid information from the purpose of this research, we asked them to provide us with related document that show the performance of the business for the pass 10 years. But unfortunately, they said that the information are not properly kept in appropriate system and cannot show us the exact figures of their sales every year. They use to keep all the records in filing and not computerized. All the documents are kept in different places and it is difficult to find. But they have been explained to us about their business performance by verbal conversation in interview. All the data that we obtained is from the whole point of view of the manager. The information is very useful for us to prove the hypothesis. persons Frequency Class Boundaries x = Mid Point C.f f.x ? ² f.? ² 1-10 1 0.5-10.5 5.5 1 5.5 30.25 30.25 11-20 2 10.5-20.5 15.5 3 31 240.25 480.5 21-30 20.5-30.5 25.5 3 650.25 31-40 1 30.5-40.5 35.5 4 35.5 1260.25 1260.25 4 72 2181 1771 Quantitative data and analysis of the data Persons Upper range : 2 Lower range : 1 Range : 2-1 : 1 Mean, = = The mean is known as average sample. From the amount that we have computed, from 72 customers a day, 18 persons is average customer who attended the four-branch of Usha Anang after us dividing the sum of observed values by the number of observations. Location of median = = = Median à ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ½ 10.5+ = = Median is the value of the middle item, which divides the series into two equal parts when the series is arranged in ascending or descending order. The values of the items on one side of the median will be equal to or less than median and the values of the items on the other side will be equal to or greater than median. Within the four branches, the median is 13 which mean customers that come to each branch likely to be 13 people daily. Mode = 10.5 + = = Mode is the common item of a series. Mode is the most fashionable or typical value of a distribution because it is repeated the highest number of times in the series. Mode is defined as the value of the variable, which occurs most frequently in a distribution. Thus mode is the size of that item which has the maximum frequency .A distribution may be bimodal or multimodal. The higher person that comes to Usha Anang in the four branches is 14 persons per daily. Standard deviation,  Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ³ = = = = 10.89 persons ? 11 persons Standard deviation is a measure of the variability or dispersion of a population, a data set, or a probability distribution. A low standard deviation indicates that the data points tend to be very close to the same value (the mean), while high standard deviation indicates that the data are spread out over a large range of values. Foreign customer persons Frequency Class Boundaries x = Mid Point C.f f.x ? ² f.? ² 1-10 2 0.5-10.5 5.5 2 11 30.25 60.5 11-20 1 10.5-20.5 15.5 3 15.5 240.25 240.25 21-30 20.5-30.5 25.5 3 650.25 31-40 1 30.5-40.5 35.5 4 35.5 1260.25 1260.25 4 62 2181 1561 Upper range : 2 Lower range : 1 Range : 2-1 : 1 Mean, = = The total foreign customer who comes in four-branch of Usha Anang is 62 persons a day. After we compute the mean for foreign customer, we estimate 16 persons is average foreign customers of Usha Anang. Location of median = = = Median à ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ½ 0.5+ = = Median is the value of the middle item, which divides the series into two equal parts when the series is arranged in ascending or descending order. The values of the items on one side of the median will be equal to or less than median and the values of the items on the other side will be equal to or greater than median. Within the four branches, the median is 6 which mean the foreign customer will exchange the money to each branch likely to 6 people daily. Mode = 0.5 + = = Mode is the common item of a series. Mode is the most fashionable or typical value of a distribution because it is repeated the highest number of times in the series. Mode is defined as the value of the variable, which occurs most frequently in a distribution. Thus mode is the size of that item which has the maximum frequency .A distribution may be bimodal or multimodal. The higher foreign customer who comes to Usha Anang to exchange the money in the four branches is 8 persons daily. Standard deviation,  Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ³ = = = = 12.25 persons ? 13 persons Standard deviation is a measure of the variability or dispersion of a population, a data set, or a probability distribution. A low standard deviation indicates that the data points tend to be very close to the same value (the mean), while high standard deviation indicates that the data are spread out over a large range of values. Sales Frequency Class Boundaries x = Mid Point C.f f.x ? ² f.? ² 100- lt;300 2 100 200 2 400 40,000 80,000 300- lt;500 1 300 400 3 400 160,000 160,000 500- lt;700 500 600 3 360,000 700- lt;900 1 700 800 4 800 640,000 640,000 4 1,600 1,200,000 880,000 Sales Upper range : 2 Lower range : 1 Range : 2-1 : 1 Mean, = = The total sales in four-branch of Usha Anang are RM1, 600 a day. After we compute the mean for sales, we estimate RM400 is average sales of Usha Anang. Location of median = = = Median à ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ½ 100+ = 100 = Median is the value of the middle item, which divides the series into two equal parts when the series is arranged in ascending or descending order. The values of the items on one side of the median will be equal to or less than median and the values of the items on the other side will be equal to or greater than median. In the four branches, the median of sales for Usha Anang is RM101.50, which means the sales to each branch likely to be RM101.50 daily. Mode = 100 + = = Mode is the common item of a series. Mode is the most fashionable or typical value of a distribution because it is repeated the highest number of times in the series. Mode is defined as the value of the variable, which occurs most frequently in a distribution. Thus mode is the size of that item which has the maximum frequency .A distribution may be bimodal or multimodal. The higher sales for Usha Anang in the four branches are RM102 daily. Standard deviation,  Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ³ = = = = RM 244.95 Standard deviation is a measure of the variability or dispersion of a population, a data set, or a probability distribution. A low standard deviation indicates that the data points tend to be very close to the same value (the mean), while high standard deviation indicates that the data are spread out over a large range of values. Currency Frequency C.f Singapore 4 4 US Dollar 3 7 China 2 9 Yen 1 10 10 Frequent exchange The methodology of interview and questionnaire For collect the data that we want to get from Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. we choose the interview and questionnaire methodology in our research project. We decided to use structured interview. According to Dewakar (2008), structured interviews are effective as predictors of future job performance. It is true because an interview with Puan Zahara binti Daud and Puan Maslina as representatives from the Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. make an easier way for us to compare the right hypothesis, and can make us choose one from the three hypothesis that we have done in assignment one. It also save our time because we can get the answer directly. Apart from that, we also provided questions which related to the topic of our research project on the economic cycle and the business of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. in 1997-2007. It also facilitates our work and the Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. because of the questions that our group member already prepare, we do not have to waste time thinking about what kind of questions tha t must be asked when confront with the representatives of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. However, doing the interview is not so easy. We need to ask the permission from the owner of Usha Anang first. After that, we need to arrange the appointment on the day we both can make it. Actually, they are so many time we postpone our interview session. We also asked the permission from our lecture for exclusion on the class because we just have available day on weekday. The interview process is already mentioned at task 1. Other than that, we also use questionnaire as our methodology because we think that not all information we can get from the interview with the manager of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. As we know, Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. has four branches in KL which are Mont Kiara, Bukit Bintang, Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju, and One Utama. So, it is more convenient if we want to ask about the simple question like the total of the customers per day in each branch from the workers there. For the questionnaire, w e prepare about five questions to be answered by the respondents. We just need one respondent from each branch to answer the questionnaire. Critically analyze the findings From our interview session and the answers we manage to obtain from the questionnaire, the result is consistent with our hypothesis which is, H 1: Economic cycle have a positive impact on the demand for service of a money changer. We can say that our H 1 is accurate because when value of Ringgit Malaysia (RM) going up, profit of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. will be going down. However, when the value of RM is going down, profit of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. will be going up. So that, with the theory given by the manager of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd., Puan Zahara, it is already tell us that when the economic crisis happen, it will give more advantages to her company because when the currency of RM fall, customers will buy more Malaysian currency and keep up the money and wait until Malaysian currency rise. Other than that, Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. has minor problems that a company needs to face it such as the robbery issue and a new case involving a loss of RM40, 000, counterfeit money, employee p roblems such as lack of discipline, and record keeping. From what a manager says, a company already faces many robberies in the past ten years of their business. Why it is can happen so many times? Does Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. are taking steps to overcome it? If Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. does not take precautions and do something to overcome this problem, in future, Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. always becomes a target as easier company for robbery. About the counterfeit money, it is a risk to the money changer. However, why after the exchange occurred then the company can track the money they receive is counterfeit money? Does a company do the scanning process first once they received the money or they just want to provide the faster services among others money changer? Because of that, they skipped the important process that can reduce their business risk. As we know, Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd only accepts women to employ as their employees. Why just women? Even though a company know that some of the ir employees had given so much problems for them with the lack of discipline such as comes late, take a long maternity leave so the company must find a replacement person for a while, and etc,. We still wondering, why Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. does not try to hire man as their employee? It can be a guard for others women employee and with a man in a company, most likely it will also reduce the number of the company was facing robbery. With an experience that can be said, have a long time business in money changer world, Usha Anang. Sdn. Bhd. still has weaknesses in their record keeping. Do they not realize until the company being interviewed by us with the question that they did not expected and then it was revealed the companys own internal weaknesses. Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. should already have a system equivalent to the current circulation, such as using computer systems. In addition, the company also does not collect all the data from four of their branches into one. If all the data gathered into one, management can compare their overall business. It can be an advantage, for example, when management can see the income from all four branches, of course there has good returns at some branch and some are not. Therefore, management can use the steady income from stable branch to branch that did not sustain profits just now to cover their expenses. Recommendation for Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd From our interview with the respondents from Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. we found that they have improper record keeping where they do not use computerized system to keep all the data for the money changer business. So in this part, we would like to recommend this company to use computerized system to manage all 4 branches. They should use this system because their business is quite big since they have 4 branches of shop around Kuala Lumpur. With the presence of computerized system, they can keep the data effectively and save all the data efficiently. Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. can use ordinary record keeping in the system where they can only save the documents and related information of the business is diskette or cd. But, for advance level, they can use appropriate software to manage all account for the business. This is a very good way for them to keep the data safely and it is easy to find. Other than that, they also can use software money changer to facilitate to business activities. Cu rrently, they get the information about the changes of currency from middle men and the information is fax to them every day in hand writing. This is a very conventional way and it is difficult to compete with the competitors. To enhance the business performance, it is very important for this company to upgrade all the systems and obtain all the information on their own. To implement this system in four branches of Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. the manager has to give training to the employees, so that they can use the system appropriately. This may cost them some money but at the end of the day, they will get good result in term of their record keeping. A good record keeping shows that the company is very efficient in managing the business. Conclusion As a conclusion, in task 1, our research project is initially did not go smoothly as planned. However, we made some changes to our activity plan as shown at diagram 1 to make sure that it is not shifted so far from the original plan and we can submit our assignment in a timely manner. For task 2 and task 3, it is the calculation part of quantitative and qualitative data that we had from Usha Anang Sdn. Bhd. From the quantitative data, we know many customers that a company has per day whether local or foreign customers, sales data, and the frequent exchange currency money. Using the right method to do the calculate part such as mean, median, mode and standard deviation, it is easier for us to obtain the actual data that we want. To obtain a clearer shade for the both quantitative and qualitative data, we have used appropriate charts and tables for figures. For task 4, we decide to use two types methodology which are the interview and questionnaire. However, our main methodology is t he interview. We use questionnaire for get more supportive data and to strengthen the hypothesis that we have listed as well as the evidence that can shows our hypothesis is correct.

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Capital Punishment The Death Penalty - 1985 Words

Capital punishment began in the mid-twentieth century and was intended for all crimes committed. Capital punishment is still practice in the United States in 38 states but used in today’s intent for more horrific crimes. Fourteen of the states have abolished capital punishment for many reasons from being unlawful to being inhumane. Capital punishment also known as the death penalty is the act of inflicting death as a punishment. The death penalty is a huge and controversial topic in today’s society. There are different types of ways to execute a criminal for the death penalty. There is the electric chair, hanging, or the firing squad. They also had gas chamber but it was abolished in 1996 for cruel and unusual punishment. Some say that the punishments are cruel for the criminals but there is no way to truly know for the mere fact that we cannot as a person what they felt after their neck has been broken or if they feel the chemicals burn through their veins. Now think about an innocent person’s life being put through this. Would it still be human and tolerable to watch and know that capital punishment is risking taking an innocent person’s life? Or how much the cost it would be for one person to be on death row. Lastly capital punishment is not the way to deter crime rates. It can be unders tood why people may think this but with studies, it has been looked at differently. Capital punishment should be abolished in all fifty states because of high expenses, chances ofShow MoreRelatedCapital Punishment : The Death Penalty1482 Words   |  6 PagesMrs. McElmoyl 12/12/14 Capital Punishment As stated by former governor of New York, Mario M. Cuomo, Always I have concluded the death penalty is wrong because it lowers us all; it is a surrender to the worst that is in us; it uses a power- the official power to kill by execution- that has never brought back a life, need inspired anything but hate. (Cuomo 1) This is one of the main arguments against capital punishment (also known as the death sentence.) Capital punishment is the ability for a governmentRead MoreThe Death Penalty And Capital Punishment931 Words   |  4 Pageswritten down (Robert). The death penalty was applied for a particularly wide range of crimes. The Romans also used death penalty for a wide range of offenses. Historically, the death sentence was often handled with torture, and executions, except that it was done in public. In this century, the death penalty, execution or capital punishment, whatever you’d like to refer it as, is the result for committing capital crimes or capital offences and it is not in public. The death penalty has been practiced byRead MoreCapital Punishment : The Death Penalty1410 Words   |  6 PagesCapital Punishment in America In 1976 the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled the Death Penalty constitutionally permissible. The debate over capital punishment has always been a topic of great controversy. Before the Supreme Court ruling in 1976 America had been practicing capital punishment for centuries. At the current time some states enforce the death penalty, while some do not. There are differences of opinion’s relating to whether or not the death penalty is the proper wayRead MoreCapital Punishment And The Death Penalty991 Words   |  4 PagesCapital Punishment Imagine your having a normal morning, eating breakfast doing your normal routine. Suddenly your phone rings and when you answer you hear the worst news possible. One of your family members has just been murdered in cold blood. You cry, mourn, then become angry. You attend the court hearing and you sit less than 20 feet away from the murderer. Do you truly believe this person deserves to live? Or should they face a punishment that is equal to their crime? Some may say CapitalRead MoreThe Death Penalty And Capital Punishment1569 Words   |  7 Pagesthe death penalty also referred to as capital punishment. The death penalty is both useless and harmful to not only criminals but also their potential victims. This paper uses these horrific facts to try and convince the reader that the death penalty should be done away with before it is too late, although that time may have already come. With supporting evidence to support my cause, I hope that the following information sways at least one reader to see the harm of keeping the death penalty an activeRead MoreCapital Punishment And The Death Penalty1235 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is capital punishment? Why do people support it, but yet people cherish lives? Is it a moral thing to do? Should one be for or against the Death Penalty? Let’s take a look deep into the world of justices and why capital punishment still exists in today’s society. Capital punishment or the death penalty is a feder al punishment given to criminals who are convicted of murders. It is the highest law punishment available that can prevent future murders by developing fear within them. Capital punishmentRead MoreCapital Punishment And The Death Penalty1017 Words   |  5 PagesName: Lucas Falley Topic: Capital Punishment Background: Capital punishment, or the death penalty, has existed for thousands of years. For as long as there has been organized society, the death penalty has existed in numerous cultures and civilizations. Throughout the years the methods have changed, but the use of capital punishment is becoming a pressing matter. Amnesty International reports that there are 140 countries worldwide that have abolished the death penalty, while over 50 countries stillRead MoreThe Death Penalty Is A Capital Punishment1271 Words   |  6 Pages What is the death penalty? The death penalty is a capital punishment that is punishable by death or execution. This is usually given to people that have committed serious offences or capital crimes. There are 31 states in the United States that are for the death penalty. Crimes that are punishable by the death penalty, vary from state to state. Examples of such crimes are; first degree murder or premeditated murder, murder with special circumstances, such as: intende d, multiple, and murder whichRead MoreCapital Punishment And The Death Penalty1539 Words   |  7 PagesCapital punishment, otherwise known as the death penalty, has been the center of debate for a long time. Capital punishment may be defined as the â€Å"[e]xecution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense† (Capital Punishment). Up until 1846, when Michigan became the first to abolish the death sentence, all states allowed legal practice of capital punishment by the government (States). Currently, there 32 states still supporting the death penalty and 18Read MoreThe Death Penalty Of Capital Punishment1480 Words   |  6 Pagesjustice system, such as the death penalty. Capital punishment has been used many times in history all around the world, and it was quite popular. Many people argue that capital punishment is useful in deterring crime and that it is only fair that criminals receive death as punishment for a heinous crim e. On the contrary, others see the death penalty as a violation of the 8th amendment. It restricts excessive fines, and it also does not allow cruel and unusual punishment to be inflicted upon criminals